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Sep 20
when to buy lawn mower
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Lawn mowers can be very beneficial in terms of keeping your grass healthy. Most of the time, homeowners buy a new lawn mowers during mowing season; however, the most advisable thing to do is buy when the demand for lawn mowers is at its lowest.

Seasonal items (such as lawn mowers) become cheap and decrease in value during those times when it is not much needed. Therefore, if you are asking when to buy lawn mower, you should buy it at around September or before fall season, when summer has just finished.

When to Buy Lawn Mower: Off Season Sales!

If there is one thing you should know, lawn mowers are big and they take up space on the salesroom floor, and most stores don’t have the space for unsold lawn mowers.

The goal of the store owner then is to sell the lawn mowers towards the end of the mowing season. This will cause a drop in the price; discounts and promotions will be given which is why it is smart to take this opportunity to buy a brand new lawn mower at this time.

If in case, you cannot wait until the end of the season, there are other notable sales periods to be aware of. The spring sales events, which takes place between March and May, is also a good time to buy lawn mowers; however, this period may be unpredictable because most (if not all) retailers are not under any pressure to move the new stock to the beginning of the season.

Furthermore, we have Memorial Day, Father’s Day and July 4th– but we cannot guarantee that all lawn mower prices will drop during these times.

Don’t worry though, as there are other ways to save on purchasing a lawn mower. Many retailers conduct 30-day sales with a low price that is guaranteed within 30 days of purchase, so if the price decreases during Memorial Day, July 4th and Father’s Day, you can return to the store to have the prices adjusted.

Another way is to confer with the seller in lowering the price of the lawn mower from the “manufacturer’s suggested retail price.” Retailers are very likely to talk it through with you since you will be purchasing a big item.

If in case, they do not offer a discount, see if you can ask for some freebies such as lawn mower maintenance items or mower accessories.

A replacement belt or even a small amount of oil is better than nothing. Big name home centers will throw in a “10% on all Items” every now and then, so look for that as well.

In knowing when to buy lawn mower, there are two basic things that you need to consider.

Sales at the end of season

As explained, the best time to buy a lawn mower is at the end of the season when retailers are trying to empty their stock. It is normal that stores will have a sale whenever a certain item’s demand drops. Lawn mowers are no exception to this rule.

Therefore, the prices of lawn mowers will drop by the end of summer as compared to any other time of the year. The stores don’t want to get stuck with unsold lawn mowers until the next mowing season. September or early October is the best time to purchase a lawn mower.

Spring is also the best time to purchase a lawn mower. Before the summer season starts, retailers are getting a head start in sales by offering a much lower price on the lawn mower as compared to when summer or the mowing season actually begins.

They don’t need to entice customers during the summer season because sales are guaranteed. Therefore, you’ll be doing your bank account a favor by either buying during spring or fall.

Discontinued models of lawn mowers

There are times where you simply cannot wait to buy a lawn mower. You missed the spring sales and it is already summer and you badly need a brand new lawn mower.

Your old lawn mower is broken beyond repair and purchasing a new one is your only option—what do you do? Keep your eye out for any discontinued lawn mower models. The purchase for this particular model is much cheaper as compared to new models.

Furthermore, don’t be hesitant to compare prices or ask the sellers if they offer any discount or freebies. Don’t be too quick to buy the first lawn mower you see. Do a little research before actually buying a new lawn mower.

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