How To Buy A Lawn Mower

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Sep 13
how to buy a lawn mower
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Lawn mowers are an outdoor tool that will help keep your yard beautifully manicured. However, not all lawn mowers can give you the nice cut that your grass needs. That is why knowing what to look for when you buy a lawn mower is important so you can find the right one that suits your yard. There are many factors that you need to consider while searching for the lawn mower, one of which is its type.

Basics on How to Buy  a Lawn Mower

There are three types of lawn mowers from which you can choose: gas, electric corded, and cordless or battery-powered. Each of them surpasses one another in different aspects. To understand what makes one better than the other, learn about their common functions and features. Then see which of them will be applicable to your landscape.

Gas mower

A gas mower is very popular because of its longevity. In other words, they last for a very long time and can be passed to another generation. Gas mowers run because of a combustible fuel.

They are more heavy duty than electric mowers, finishing 1/2-acre of yard faster. Unlike electric and battery-powered mowers, your movement is not limited with a gas mower because it does not have cord or batteries. On the other hand, using this mower requires more effort right from the pull-start.

Aside from this, following the manufacturer’s recommended fuel or gas brand is essential for it to run properly. Another thing that you need to know is that the noise of the gas mower is as loud as a motorcycle. Thus, you should remember to wear eye and ear protection for your safety.

Corded mower

A corded mower is a subcategory of electric mowers. It is powered by electricity that comes from a plug, cord and an outlet. And unlike gas mowers, it is less noisy.

It is probably only as noisy as a running washing machine. One advantage of this mower over a cordless mower is that the power supply is not limited. You do not need to buy fuel or a battery to use it.

However, you always have to be near an electrical outlet. Obviously, the risk in using a corded mower is cutting or and tripping over the cord. Even though corded mowers have GFCI, electric shocks are still possible. Another disadvantage of this is the limited range it offers.

Cordless mower

A cordless mower is another subcategory of an electric lawn mower. The only difference is that it is battery powered. Thus, there is no cord that will limit your mobility. This type of mower is popular among people who are after convenient mowing because pressing the start button is easier than pulling the pull-cord of a gas mower.

It is also lightweight and maneuverable; you won’t have trouble going to a different direction. But one thing that you should take note is that the battery can only let you operate for about an hour.

After that, you may have to switch to another battery, or wait for a recharge. Also, they are not as powerful as gas mowers when it comes to handling thick grass. Yet, they are environment friendly and hassle free. They are, therefore, ideal for small yards.

Other factors to consider in buying a lawn mower

Size of yard

When buying a lawn mower, you will have to know the size of your yard as well as its landscape design. You have to consider this so as to know whether the mower you are buying is too big or too small for your yard. Aside from this, the slope, trees, and flower beds are also things you should take note of.

If you have a large plot of land, you should consider a riding mower. On the other hand, if it is medium size, you can settle for a push mower, which is less expensive and lightweight.


Different types of lawn mowers require different levels of maintenance, and you must know that maintaining your mower is the key to its longevity. Your electric mower requires battery care or change from time to time. Meanwhile, a gas mower needs the change or maintenance of the engine oil, air filter, and spark plug. Their maintenance need is also different during the winter season. All mowers require their blades to be sharpened or changed every once in a while.

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